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                                  MASSAGE  AT  KANOKWAN  THAI  SPA  VICTORIA


For 30 min massage we offer head , shoulder, upper back   and Thai foot massage (reflexology)



M1.   Couple Massage

60min  $160 / 90min  $240 / 120min $310


Couple Massage at Kanokwan Thai Spa Unwind beside your spouse with a healing couple's relaxation                        massage. The perfect combination of relaxation and comfort enjoying side-by-side romantic hour together.  Whether it's a special occasion, or just a celebration of life, a couples massage is just what you need to both feel rejuvenated  A couples massage is for everyone, friends, mother and daughter, father and son, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or same sex couples. Read more.....


M2.   Traditional Thai Massage

60min  $80 / 90min  $120 / 120min $160  


 Traditional Thai massage is more precise and energizing than other forms of traditional massage.                               Trditional Thai massage provides benefit by stimulating pressure points on to open the body’s energy pathways, allowing healing energy to allowing healing energy to flow freely and allowing the body to heal itself. Read more.....



M3.   Relaxation With Warm Oil Massage

60min  $80 / 90min  $120 / 120min $160


Relaxation with warm Oil Massage adding warm massage oil to the experience of a massage can be blissfully relaxing and wonderfully comforting, while it rejuvenates your mind and body. Not only does it enhance the relaxing nature of the massage, but it also aids in healing processes. The smooth gliding motion that a massage oil helps to achieve nourishes the skin and helps to dissolve accumulated toxins and stress, which promotes general good health. Read more.....


M4.   Deep Tissue Massage

60min  $80 / 90min  $120 / 120min $160


This deep massage targets sore muscles and enhances muscle recovery after exercise, sports activities or the tension and stresses of daily life Deep Tissue Massage is applied in a systematic way, concentrating on the deeper layers of the body’s soft tissues. It aims to release chronic patterns of tension in the body.  Read more.....


M5.   Thai Head Massage

30min  $45/ 45 min  $65 / 60min  $80 / 90min  $120


Thai Head Massage  giving head massage is one of the stress bursting techniques. Head massage also helps to get rid of headache,  helps to dissipate mental tiredness, stress, depression resulting in greater mental alertness and concentration and clearer thinking. Eyestrain, tension headaches, migraines, earaches, Tinnitus (ringing in the ear), jaw ache, sinusitis congestion, insomnia, and disturbed sleep. Read more.....


M6.   Thai Foot Massage (Reflexology) 

30min  $45/ 45 min  $65 / 60min  $80 / 90min  $120 


Thai foot Massage The genuine reflexology is the application of pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet. A reflex action in another part of the body is stimulated by the manipulation of each specific area. Unlike other massages that use thumbs, palms, hands, elbow, knee and foot, foot reflexology massage uses hands, fingers and a wood stick with cream. Read more.....


M7.   Thai Hot Stone Massage

60min  $110 / 90min  $140/ 120min $180

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on parts of the client's body  to maximize the therapeutic benefit with our customized massage techniques. The pre-treated muscles allow the massage practitioner to perform deep tissue manipulations relieving pain and stiffness,  improving circulation to promote relaxation and open up the energy pathways. The pre-treated muscles allow the massage practitioner to perform deep tissue manipulation which leads to deep relaxation. Read more.....


M8.   Hot Oil Aromatherapy Massage 

60min  $80 / 90min  $120 / 120min $160


aromatherapy is the practice of using essentials oils to obtain specific moods, promote healing and ease muscle pain, aches and sprains. When you receive a massage with essential oils, the oils are absorbed into your skin and you inhale the aroma, providing a physical and emotional benefit. Aromatherapy massge is often an effective treatment for numerous ailments. The massage therapist can work with you to make a customized massage oil based on your needs. Read more...


M9.   Thai Herbal Compress Massage

90min  $145 / 120min $180


Thai Herbal Compress Massage performed for hundreds of years, Herbal Massage are known to provide deep relaxation while relieving stress and fatigue, and improving health. The therapy relies on the use of hot compresses or "poultices" filled with a selection of herbs and spices. Those compresses, generally wet and then steamed, are gently applied to specific points of the body releasing their healing benefits into the pores of the skin. They can be combined with the use of hands to focus the massage on knots. Read more.....



M10.   Prenatal Massage

60min  $80 / 90min  $120 / 120min $160


Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.  Warm oil relaxation massage which aims to relax muscle tension and improve lymphatic and blood circulation through mild pressure applied to the muscle groups of the body. Read more.....

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