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Thai Head Massage


Applying massage to the head is one of the stress bursting techniques. Head massage also helps to get rid of headaches, helps to dissipate mental tiredness, stress and depression, resulting in greater mental alertness,  concentration and clearer thinking. The head massage soothes eyestrain, tension headaches, migraines, earaches, Tinnitus (ringing in the ear), jaw ache, sinusitis congestion, insomnia, and disturbed sleep and helps improve circulation of blood to the head and face. The Thai head massage feels great and can help you be more relaxed and content.


Benefits of Thai Head Massage


Helps to reduce stress

Makes you feel relaxed and calms you mind

Helps to revitalize the brain and body

Improves concentration

Improves blood circulation in different parts of your head

Helps to allow an easy and good sleep

Gives relief from headache

Strengthens hair roots

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