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Couples Massage At Kanokwan Thai Spa


Unwind beside your partner with a healing couples relaxation massage.The perfect combination of relaxation and comfort enjoying a side-by-side romantic hour together.  Whether it's a special occasion, or just a celebration of life, a couples massage is just what you need to  feel rejuvenated  together. A couples massage is for everyone  - friends, mother and daughter, father and son, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or same sex couples. We will do our best to make you feel absolutely comfortable and relaxed.


A couples massage is the perfect way to spend a special day and the  perfect gift for someone you love.


                         We offer ** Relaxation With Warm Oil Massage for couple **                       

                                                   ** Aromatherapy Massage for couples**                              

                                                       ** Thai  Foot massage for couples **  

                                                   ** Traditional Thai Massage for couples **

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